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Murtaugh’s Work Included in Brooklyn Exhibition

Associate Professor of Art Rebecca Murtaugh will be exhibiting “Five Leaners” in the group show Meta Vista at 16 Wilson in Brooklyn, N.Y. The show runs Oct. 18 through Nov. 9, with a public opening reception on Oct. 18 from 6 – 9 p.m. Curating Contemporary is running a concurrent online exhibition of Meta Vista.

The exhibition, curated by Matthew Neil Gehring and hosted by Deborah Brown of Storefront Bushwick, includes the work of nine artists: Murtaugh, Rachel Beach, Paul Behnke, Vincent Como, Matthew Neil Gehring, Beth Gilfilen, Jason Karolak, Joan Mellon and Kirk Stoller.

Gehring said this about the exhibition: “Each of the artists in this exhibition generate work from a distinct point of view, but each point of view is one that is illuminated and connected by this show’s title, Meta Vista. Meta: beyond, transcendent, self-referential and critical, in the abstract. Vista: an extensive mental view, a distant expanse. These artists make the invisible visible, make the real unreal, and vice versa. Each is engaged in a practice of advanced visual art that overtly or subtly engages an existential discourse; form and formlessness, presence and absence while remembering that a vision is both an analytical tool and an intuitive experience, as well as both difficult to attain and a pleasure to apprehend.”

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