Mwantuali Interviewed on New Hampshire Public Radio

Joseph Mwantuali
Joseph Mwantuali

Professor of French Joseph Mwantuali was interviewed with Coco Ramazani, the subject of his book Tell This to My Mother, on New Hampshire Public Radio on Friday May 10.

Tell This to My Mother is a novel based on the true story of war rape victim Ramazani. Published by Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, it is Mwantuali’s first book written in English.

According to the publisher’s website, “The story is told by Coco Ramazani, an orphan who was tricked into the Congo rebellion, and was left to die in a military camp filled with thousands of drugged foreign soldiers. She escaped to America, where she is now fighting for her life. It is also the story of child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, about rape used as a weapon of war, and of the hope embodied by a tough young woman who refuses to go silently into the night.”

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