David Wippman.
The Justice Department objected recently to three established provisions of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, an organization that includes most colleges and universities among its members. The group seeks through its ethics rules “to offer some consistency in deadlines, terminology, and procedures” in admission practices.

President David Wippman with his co-author Cornell Professor of American Studies Glenn Altschuler wrote an op-ed titled The antitrust hammer hits college admissions in The Hill outlining the unanticipated consequences that may occur as a result of these forced changes. The Feb. 18 essay points to the possibility of financial aid distributions being skewed, required deposits raised, and increased parental and student confusion in the admission process.

The authors conclude their essay with these words: “We share that concern and hope that now or in the not-too-distant future the DOJ [Department of Justice] will reconsider its position. We are well aware of the benefits of competition to individuals and societies. But competition is not and never should be entirely free and unfettered. It does not always serve the collective good. And there are times when it makes good sense to let sleeping dogmas lie.”

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