Nancy Avery Dafoe K’74

Nancy Avery Dafoe K’74 has a new novel published by Rogue Phoenix Press. Both End in Speculation is the second novel in a murder mystery series written by Dafoe.

Both End in Speculation investigates the murder of a woman found on the Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy. The protagonist, Vena Goodwin, uses a John Keats poem as a guide that leads her to different murdered bodies deposited at different historical sites.

A former educator, Dafoe has earned multiple national awards for her writing, including the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society Writing Award, the Soul Making Literary Prize in prose poetry, and the New Century Writer Award in short stories.

about Nancy Avery Dafoe K’74

Major: English Literature

Family: Nicole Dafoe ’04 is now an attorney in Washington, DC.

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Among Dafoe’s eight published books are a memoir, An Iceberg in Paradise: A Passage Through Alzheimer's (SUNY Press); books on education, The Misdirection of Education Policy, Writing Creatively, and Breaking Open the Box (Rowman & Littlefield Education); and poetry books, Poets Diving in the Night and Innermost Sea (Finishing Line Press). You Enter a Room was Dafoe's first novel in the Vena Goodwin murder mystery series.

Dafoe is currently at work on the third novel in the murder mystery series. Another one of her novels, Innermost Sea, comes out this November and is up for presale currently.

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