Kevin Conole ’04
The sky certainly isn’t the limit for Kevin Conole ’04 when it comes to promoting NASA’s global outreach. As a senior program specialist at the space agency’s Office of International and Interagency Relations in Washington, D.C., he manages relationships with civilian partners and leads the agency’s United Nations-related activities.

“NASA has accomplished so much in the last year,” he says, noting the recent launch of Artemis I, the uncrewed test mission that will enable the U.S. to land the first woman and a person of color on the Moon. “Soon we will have humans living and conducting critical research on the lunar surface. It’s also rewarding to work with our Applied Sciences Program, using data from satellites to help deliver solutions to international development challenges in global health, such as climate change and food security.”

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A government and philosophy major, Conole credits Hamilton with honing critical thinking and writing skills and his four years playing football with learning the value of teamwork. After Hamilton, he worked for a consulting firm in Washington, D.C., before taking a job with the space agency.

Along the way he earned a master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the U.S. Naval War College and a graduate certificate in legislative studies from Georgetown University. For now, the Syracuse, N.Y., native says he remains focused on expanding his portfolio at NASA and possibly returning to the private sector in the future. 

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