Cimone Jordan ’19
As director of housing and neighborhood planning for the City of Syracuse, Cimone Jordan ’19 coordinates housing and code enforcement initiatives to help her hometown deal with blighted properties. On the job since April, she oversees the process for city tax-based seizures, which includes spearheading the Cities RISE Community Ambassador Program and Syracuse’s infill housing development mission to add living units into existing areas.

“Each day varies to include everything from mapping, property research, talking before the Common Council, and meeting with housing developers,” she says.

Jordan, an environmental studies major, credits Hamilton with sparking her interest in urban development. “I was always interested in the natural environment, but my professors challenged me to consider the built environment and explore how the two interact, and examine what roles humans play in the revitalization or destruction of both,” she says.

After graduation, Jordan joined Syracuse’s Department of Neighborhood and Business Development as a city planner conducting outreach on zombie properties — vacant and abandoned properties in foreclosure that banks are responsible for maintaining. She advanced to her current role and sees herself staying in city government for the next few years before moving into the private sector and joining an urban planning firm or going into real estate.

But for now, her focus remains on her current job.

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“One of my favorite projects is reimagining how Syracuse can pair infill housing development with strategic tree planting to improve access to public health benefits associated with trees,” Jordan says. “Hamilton gave me the space to think broadly, allowing me to bring a fresh perspective and introduce non-traditional solutions to age-old problems.”

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