New Economy Handbook

Derek Jones is the editor of New Economy Handbook, a collection of original essays with an introduction by Jones. The book is intended to serve as a reference for business schools, economics departments, and other finance and business professionals. It discusses the "New Economy" that has emerged since the information technology boom of the 1990s, and covers a wide range of topics, including product markets and industrial organization, financial and labor markets, entrepreurship, economic policy and institutional frameworks.


"The stock market bubble may have popped, but the lessons live on. This fascinating book uncovers and exposes the new ideas and rules that sparked an economic revolution. "
—Todd G. Buchholz

"This book provides the most comprehensive exposition to date of the micro and macro-economic aspects of the new economy. Lucid theoretical and empirical analyses are nicely complemented by sectoral perspectives on efficiency and equity, which will be of great value to policymakers."
—Aaditya Mattoo, Senior Economist, World Bank

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