New Exhibitions on Display at Emerson Gallery

Three new art exhibitions, "Ruth Harriet Louiseand Her Hollywood Contemporaries," "People and Places: Photographs from thePortfolios of Robert Doisneau, Elliot Erwitt, Ralph Gibson, Alen MacWeeney andWilliam Earle Williams (Class of 1973)" and "William Roehrick (Class of 1934),1912-1995: A Memorial Exhibition," will be on display at the Emerson Galleryuntil July 21. The exhibitions are free and open to the general public.

"Ruth Harriet Louise and Her Hollywood Contemporaries," an exhibition ofapproximately 20 photographs from a New York private collection, reveals thelargely forgotten work of Louise, who headed the M-G-M portrait gallery from1925 until her retirement in 1930--at the age of 25.

During this brief period, Louise transformed both the look of the Hollywoodportrait as well as the role of the photographer. She was the first studiophotographer to demand and receive credit for her work. Working incollaboration with such sitters as Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Marion Daviesand Norma Shearer, Louise achieved an emotional intensity not generally seen inearlier work. Whether playful, ironic, glamorous or sensuous, her work revealsa trust between photographer and subject, resulting in some of the mostmemorable images created during the era when all eyes looked to Holly-wood.

"People and Places: Photographs from the Portfolios of Robert Doisneau,Elliot Erwitt, Ralph Gibson, Alen MacWeeney and William Earle Williams (Classof 1973)," is an exhibition composed of 40 photographs which focus on peopleand social conditions. The photographs are seen as documentary images whichinvolve imagination and art as well as fact with feeling.

"William Roehrick (Class of 1934), 1912-1995: A Memorial Exhibition,"composed of 25 works from the William G. Roehrick Collection, is a tribute to aman whose vision and generosity has been instrumental in the development of theHamilton For 15 years, Roehrick charmed the world with his portrayal of the characterHenry Chamberlain on the soap opera, Guiding Light. In addition to thatrole, he shared the stage with legends such as Sir John Gielgud, EthelBarrymore, Tallulah Bankhead and Lillian Gish. Although his vocation was thetheatre, his avocation and the source of his passion was Hamilton College andthe Emerson Gallery. During his lifetime, Roehrick donated over 160 objects tothe gallery.

The Emerson Gallery is located on the first floor of Christian A. JohnsonHall, directly behind the Hamilton College Chapel. Summer hours at the galleryare Monday-Friday, noon to 5 p.m. The gallery is closed on the weekends duringthe summer months.

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