David Paris, acting dean of the facultyat Hamilton College, recently announced the appointment of 24 new and visitingfaculty members, and 19 special appointments for the 1997-1998 academic year.

"We are extremely pleased with the potential that these new colleagues bringto our community," Paris said. "Their commitment to excellence in teaching andscholarship will greatly enhance the intellectual and personal development ofour students."

New tenure-track appointments include:

Diego Alonso--Instructor of Romance Languages--B.A. in 1981 and M.A. in 1986from Université de Paris VII; M.A. in 1993 from Princeton University.Specializing in Latin American literature and culture, Alonso has participatedin many Hispanic language conferences and recently published an article inRevista La Torre.

Mark Bailey--Instructor of Computer Science--B.S., University ofMassachusetts; M.S. in 1990 from the University of Virginia. Withcomprehensive expertise in compilers, computer networks, organization andarchitecture, Bailey received a medal of excellence for outstanding teachingperformance from the Department of Computer Science at the University ofVirginia. He has authored several conference articles and technical reports.

Todd Franklin--Assistant Professor of Philosophy--B.A., University of Chicago;Ph.D., Stanford University. Franklin specializes in the history of modernphilosophy and 19th-century continental philosophy, and served as an actingassistant professor of philosophy at Stanford. He is a past co-president ofthe Stanford Philosophy Graduate Student Society and is a member of theAmerican Philosophical Association.

Ann Owen--Assistant Professor of Economics--B.A., Boston University; M.B.A.,Babson College; A.M. in 1991 and Ph.D in 1995 from Brown University. Owen wasan economist for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and a visitingprofessor at the New Economic School in Moscow, Russia. Proficient inmacroeconomics, growth and monetary economics, she has written many articles and conference papers.

Julie Diehl and Susan Viscomi have also joined the faculty in the athleticdepartment. Diehl, a Hamilton alum, earned her M.S. in kinesiology/sportsmanagement in 1995 from Indiana University and will serve as an assistantprofessor in physical education. A former head coach at Rochester Institute ofTechnology (RIT), she most recently was an assistant coach at the United StatesMilitary Academy at West Point.

Viscomi, who received her M.A. in counseling from Colgate University in 1990,has been appointed associate director of athletics, senior women'sadministrator, and women's soccer coach. She has served as a soccer coach andlecturer at SUNY Oswego and SUNY Plattsburgh.. New visiting faculty members forthe 1997-1998 academic year include: Anita Bhat, computer science; MeganDeeney, mathematics; Paul Feng, physics; Lisa Ferrari, government; KevinGilmartin, physical education; Kevin Grant, history; Paul Joireman, chemistry;Chisato Koike, East Asian languages; Craig Latrell, theatre; Cynthia Marker,romance languages; Robert Martin, government; Kerry Mullins, sociology; DavidNielson, romance languages; George O'Connell, creative writing; Kirk Pillow,philosophy; Ann Reichlin, art; Steven Rivers, physics; Marcy Sacks, history;and Melissa Wyman, psychology.

A number of new lecturers have also been named. For the fall semester theyinclude: Richard Greenwald, history; James Helmer, rhetoric andcommunications; Sharon Humphries-Brooks, classics; Linn Underhill, art; SharonWilliams, English; and John Zogby, government and sociology. LouiseCharbonneau, a lecturer in romance languages, will teach in both the fall andspring semesters. Four new teaching fellows have also joined the foreignlanguage departments: Isabelle Fisching, German and Russian; Ying Liu,Chinese; Carole Salmon, French; and Kaoru Satsutani, Japanese.

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