New Furniture Made From Recyclable Materials Installed in McEwen

New environmentally- friendly furniture in McEwen is made from recycled materials.
New environmentally- friendly furniture in McEwen is made from recycled materials.

The food isn't all that's environmentally friendly at The Green Café in Hamilton's McEwen Dining Hall. During the summer McEwen's furniture was replaced with new tables, chairs and carpet that are made from recyclable materials.

The tabletops, by manufacturer Baltix Sustainable Furniture are made from Shetkastone, post-consumer recycled paper. Chairs are made by Source International and are upholstered in Arc Com's Eco-Tex fabric - which is 100 percent recycled polyester. Booths are made by Shelby Williams and are also covered in the Eco-Tex fabric. New carpeting in the Green Café is also environmentally-friendly and uses earth-friendly glue. McEwen now has 20 booths and seating for 272 people.

Pat Raynard, general manager of Bon Appetit, Hamilton's food service provider, revealed new initiatives by the company for the upcoming semester. The Green Café already purchases locally-grown produce and meats, and its use of biodegradable paper and environmentally friendly cleaning products also add to Bon Appetit's goal to be socially responsible.
Now, Raynard said, Bon Appetit is establishing a root cellar in the building's basement which allow him to purchase large supplies of fresh produce now that can be kept and served all semester. In addition, Bon Appetit is purchasing produce from a local grower of hydrponic produce, which is grown in greenhouse using sand and water rather than being planted in a field. Raynard hopes to help further reduce Hamilton's carbon footprint by reducing the number of plastic water bottles used at the college and switching to bulk water.

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