Club Ento Tasting
Club Ento Tasting

A New York Times feature article titled “Butterflies in Your Stomach” focused on Club Ento, a campus organization whose goals are “to increase awareness of and access to edible insects and their benefits and to lower both the intellectual and physical barriers to entomophagy (the consumption of insects),” according to the club's website. The April 12 Education Life section article referenced the group’s panel on crickets, among other activities.

Club president Kyle Burnham ’15 was quoted about the Club Ento’s recent beer tasting. “It’s a fun way to point out we already have bugs in our diet,” noting that the Food and Drug Administration allows an average 2,500 or so aphids per 10 grams of hops. “I put crickets on pizza or salad topping, like sunflower seeds,” Burnham continued. “Chocolate-covered scorpions, that would be my favorite.”

A photograph taken by Sean Smith ’15 at one of the group’s events was also included with the article. 

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