Norwegian Research Center Publishes O’Neal’s Essay

John O'Neal
John O'Neal
The center for the study of 18th-century studies at the University of Trondheim in Trondheim, Norway, has published the invited paper Professor of French John C. O’Neal gave in December of 2008.

The center there has chosen « A l’ombre des Lumières » (in the shadow of the Enlightenment) as its current research topic. O’Neal essay « Les apports pédagogiques du visible chez Rousseau» has appeared in Dévier et divertir : Littérature et pensée du XVIIIe siècle, ed. Marius Warholm Haugen and Knute Ove Eliassen (Paris : L’Harmattan ; Oslo : Solum Forlag, 2010), pp. 159-75. The article explores Rousseau’s pedagogical uses of the visual in his Émile, Nouvelle Héloïse, and political and anthropological writings.
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