Helena Grant from Connecticut and Brantley Beach from Keene braved the frigid weather in order to play in the winter beauty.

Helena Grant ’03 traveled 10 miles in sub-zero temperatures during her first backcountry ski expedition. Her travels were reported on nationally by NPR and NCPR.

NPR reporter and Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann reported on Grant and her travel companions’ experiences in the Adirondack Mountains.

When asked if she was daunted to ski a wilderness trail at double-digits below zero, Grant told NPR that she was eager to get outside.

About helena grant ’03

Majors: Creative Writing and French

Campus Activities: Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Squash, Phi Beta Chi

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“Oh, I said, ‘Hell yes’ ... Actually this is something I’ve been hoping to do,” Grant says. “My grandfather was in the 10th Mountain Division. He used to climb up Marcy for breakfast. I feel like I’m in my element, I just never had gotten here before.”

Grant says that this expedition “was a life-changing day of being tested on every level,” and that she has Hamilton to thank for fueling her love of the outdoors and athletics.

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