Ann Owen

Immediately following the Federal Reserve’s Dec. 14 announcement of its first rate hike since 2006, Ann Owen, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of Economics, discussed the decision on National Public Radio’s Here & Now program during a live interview. In Fed Hikes Key Rate For Second Time In 10 Years, Owen pointed out that the Fed was unanimous in its move to raise rates, demonstrating more consensus and certainty as to the direction the economy is going. Here & Now reaches an estimated 4.5 million weekly listeners on over 450 stations across the country.

Some of her quotes were also later included in NPR’s The Two-Way breaking news site. "The stock market was expecting the Fed to raise rates, so this increase in rates was already priced into market prices," she explained. "The only time there's a reaction in the stock market is when there's some element of surprise."

Owen, a former Federal Reserve Board of Governors economist, has been regularly featured on public radio on both Marketplace and Here & Now in the past.

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