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Nussbaum '02 Contributes to Phillips's Recent Success

Scott Nussbaum '02
Scott Nussbaum '02

Scott Nussbaum ’02, the former vice president in the contemporary art department at Sotheby’s, became the senior specialist and head of 20th-century and contemporary art for Phillips earlier this year.

Phillips has long been considered third-place behind other international art auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, but it has been demonstrating its value as a boutique house that could provide dedication to collections and “bring to bear the expertise of its new team of contemporary-art specialists,” according to a recent article from The New York Times.

“Its roster of new specialists able to attract high-quality material succeeded in making the auction house a player this season,” the article continued. Nussbaum, along with other new specialists, evidently made a difference for the company—Phillips was the only house who experienced an increase in sales this season for contemporary and 20th-century art (a remarkable 10 percent increase, to be exact).

At Hamilton, Nussbaum majored in art history and was a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity.

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