Hamilton's New York City Program visited Facebook headquarters on Dec. 7.

Students participating in the New York City (NYC) Program this fall had the opportunity to see what goes behind the world’s biggest social network, and arguably an entrepreneurial miracle, when they visited Facebook’s New York City headquarters on Dec. 7. 

Hosted by Fabio Freyre ‘83, head of Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions, the students learned about the brief yet vibrant history of the social network and about its vision for the future. They also got insight on what it takes to make it in the tech industry with a liberal arts education.

“A liberal arts education teaches you how to think and adapt,” Freyre said during a question and answer session with the students.

Freyre ended the meeting by crediting his Hamilton education for his ability to connect-the-dots and distill complex information. He said those skills were especially helpful as he reinvented himself between previous professions.

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