O’Neill Discusses QSR Center at JMM

Mary O'Neill
Mary O'Neill

Mary O’Neill, academic support coordinator and director of the Quantitative Literacy Center, presented a paper on Jan. 10 at the Joint Math Meetings of the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society (JMM) in San Diego.


O’Neill presented “A New Tutoring Center: Challenges, Opportunities, and Surprises” during a session called “Learning Centers: Problems and Creative Solutions.” She discussed the planning for the move of the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QSR) Center from a small classroom on the second floor of Christian A. Johnson Hall to its new location on the building’s third floor. The new location opened in September.


O’Neill outlined some of the stages leading up to construction of the new center, including discussions with students, administrative staff, physical plant personnel and the architects. She describe working out the challenges of transforming a dark, enclosed, windowless space into one which is larger, brighter and more attractive and useful to students. 


The QSR Center supports the Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning requirement at Hamilton by offering drop-in peer tutoring in biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics, philosophy (Symbolic Logic), physics and psychology.

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