Odamtten Presents Paper at African Literature Association Conference

Vincent Odamtten
Vincent Odamtten
Professor of English Vincent Odamtten presented a paper, "The Perils of Recovering Identities In 'Appier/Appiah Times" at the 34th Annual African Literature Association Conference held at the Macomb and Western Illinois University, April 22-27. The presentation examined how the formal and strategic use of language in some recent work by Princeton Professor of Philosophy Anthony Appiah prevents a more complete reading or recovery of the significance of historical and contemporary texts that attempt to answer questions raised by the Atlantic Slave Trade. 

The paper argued that Appiah's use of language tended to voice-over the complex particularities of the individuals attempting to leave us records of their identities in an age of historical amnesia. Odamtten also had an article, "Letter from America – Ghana: Democracy and Sustainable Development, An African Example," published in The New Legon Observer, April 10, 2008, Vol. 2 No. 6.
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