Oliver North to Speak at Hamilton College

Oliver North will speak on Conservatism inthe 21st Century at the Hamilton College Chapel on Tuesday, Nov.11, at 8p.m. The lecture is sponsored by the Conservative Club and is free and open tothe public.

North is a decorated combat Marine, founder and chairman of GuardianTechnologies International Inc., an inventor who holds three U.S. patents and aformer candidate for the U.S. Senate. He is also the author of the two bestsellers Under Fire and One More Mission.

As a member of the National Security Council Staff under President RonaldReagan, Colonel North was involved in the planning of a number of specialoperations, including the U.S. raid on Muammar Quadaffi's bases in Libya andthe rescue of medical students from the island of Grenada. He reached nationalprominence after his implication in the Iran-Contra affairs that enveloped theReagan Administration. Currently, North is the host of the Oliver NorthShow and is the chief executive officer of his body-armor manufacturingcompany in Virginia.

A question and answer period and booksigning will follow the lecture.

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