The Hamilton Outing Club is proud to welcome 15 to new leaders to the community after last weekend’s leader training session. The participants sacrificed their weekend to learn what it takes to be a leader for the Outing Club. They spent time in and around the Glen House learning the necessary and important skills for leading a successful trip.

Keith Ruggles ’20 and Garth Robinson ’19 led the group throughout the weekend and passed on the wisdom they’ve gained from their respective experiences. They started the day at 9:30 a.m. on the Glen House porch with their eager protégés. Over the course of the morning, they worked on planning trips and preparing itineraries and bear safety, among other soft and hard skills.

Ruggles and Robinson welcomed guest teachers for segments throughout the day to change the pace and keep the new leaders engaged. Joining them were Mike Moubarak ’21, James Southwick ’20, Emily Alexander ’19, Sam Fogel ’19, and Meredith LaBelle ’19. These guests facilitated important segments such as knot tying, tarps, the principles of Leave No Trace (LNT), and the intricacies of packing a pack.

After finishing up most of the regimented learning, the hardy crew packed up and crushed a hike through the Glen for a night in the woods. Though they could still hear a vibrant campus, the participants remained steadfast in their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the Outing Club community. This night was a great time for group bonding and applying some of the skills from earlier in the day.

The group woke up bright and early in the morning to break down camp and smooth out some final questions before trekking through the heart of campus. A group 17 strong marching across campus with full packs must have been a sight to see!

The Outing Club is thrilled to have these new leaders in their ranks and can’t wait for them to get out and lead some trips. The final step in their certification process will be completing a Wilderness First Aid course, which will be held on campus the weekend of Sept. 29-30.

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