A group of Hamilton students took advantage of clear blue skies and bright sunshine to snowshoe up Snowy Mountain in the Central Adirondacks on a trip run by the Hamilton Outing Club on  Jan 31 .

Despite chilly weather and brisk gusts of wind, which dropped the temperature even lower, the group was able to summit Snowy. In order to combat the cold they moved almost continuously, stopping only when necessary, and eating foods with high calories to power their bodies and keep themselves warm. Upon reaching the summit the group was treated to broad views of Indian Lake and the mountains of the Siamese Pond Wilderness. With the sun shining brightly overhead and the sky devoid of clouds, the group was even able to see the snow-capped Adirondack High Peaks and the Green Mountains of Vermont off in the distance.

Newly minted winter leaders Deanna Nappi ’15 and Zach Dix ’15 fresh off of HOC’s Winter Camping Seminar led the trip. Dix described the trip as “So much fun, but also quite cold. It was really difficult toward the summit because there was so much powder and we were slipping a lot but the group was really good, a lot of laughs and we were able to make it up. In the end it was a great trip and I’m really glad we went.”

After descending safely from the summit the group returned to campus elated from the views, tired from the hike, and excited about the prospect of future weekends to be spent exploring the Adirondacks. With more snow on the way and hopefully some sunny weather too, there’s still plenty of time to get involved and spend some time outside. For more information visit the Hamilton Outing Club webpage or swing by the Glen House on-campus.

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