Owen Comments Included in National Public Radio Business Report

Ann Owen
Ann Owen
Following the Federal Reserve's announcement that it would buy $300 billion in long-term U.S. Treasury bonds and increase its purchase of mortgage-backed securities to $1.25 trillion, Associate Professor of Economics Ann Owen spoke with several media outlets about the Fed's decisions. National Public Radio's business reporter Jim Zarroli spoke with Owen in a story that aired on Morning Edition on March 19. In "Fed Buying Long-Term Government Bonds," Owen commented on the possible effect of the announcement.

Quoted by Dow Jones Newswire in an article, "Fed Holds Rates Near Zero," Owen discussed the precarious position that the economy is in and how the actions of the Fed may steer it in a more positive direction. The article appeared on The Wall Street Journal's Web site.

In an article titled "Federal Reserve to Buy Up to $1 Trillion in Government Bonds, Mortgage Debt" on the Voice of America's Web site, Owen said, "If the Fed goes out and buys longer-term Treasury securities, and buys them in significant amounts, what will happen is longer-term interest rates should come down. And one rate that matters a lot right now is mortgage rates, and those typically follow Treasury rates."
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