Paludi Co-edits Volumes on Women and Mental Disorders

Elihu Root Peace Fund Visiting Professor of Women’s Studies Michele Paludi co-edited a book set titled Women and Mental Disorders. The four-volume set brings together recent research and theories to discuss women and mental disorders from a feminist perspective and was co-edited with Kevin Nadal of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Paula Lundberg-Love of the University of Texas, Tyler. 


The volumes are titled Understanding Women’s Unique Life Experiences; Roots in Abuse, Crime and Sexual Victimization; Women and Common Mental Disorders; and Treatments and Research. The underlying theme of the set is to present an understanding of varying cultural definitions of mental health and the importance of taking into account a woman’s cultural background in order for therapeutic treatment to be successful.

In addition to co-editing the book set, Paludi also wrote chapters titled “Women with Disabilities: Mental Health Impact of Disabilities and Abelism” and “Intimate Partner Violence as Workplace Violence: Impact on Women's Mental Health and Work Performance.”

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