Paris '71 Contributes Op-ed To Inside Higher Ed

David Paris '71
David Paris '71

Professor of Government David Paris '71 contributed an op-ed to Inside Higher Ed (11/6/09). In “The Clock is Ticking,” Paris writes that it is only a matter of time before the Obama administration, like its predecessor, focuses intently on higher education accountability. College leaders shouldn't wait, Paris warns.

Paris writes, “It’s time for higher education to take ownership of the key questions of improving student learning. Are our students developing the skills and knowledge required to be productive, competent citizens? How do we know, and how can we show the public that we are being effective? How do we organize the higher education community to do so?”

“The good news here,” Paris writes, “is that we increasingly know what produces effective, quality undergraduate education. We increasingly know, too, how to measure it, and are taking steps to do so. The Voluntary System of Accountability is taking the first steps toward some common measures of critical thinking.”

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