Paul Reichert '90 and The Lemonade Ripple

Reichert Reading
Reichert Reading

Paul Reichert '90 released his first children's book, The Lemonade Ripple, this year to much success. The book, which Reichert both wrote and illustrated, tells the story of Caroline, a young girl who starts a lemonade stand to raise money for a friend in need, and details how her goodwill affects an entire town. Reichert recently held a book party in Washington, D.C., which attracted 60 guests, including Hamilton alumni. He has also been doing readings at elementary schools and children's bookstores. All profits from The Lemonade Ripple go to The Foundation for Community Betterment.


Update: On July 25, Reichert was interviewed on NBC Washington about The Lemonade Ripple. He discusses his inspiration for the story, the lessons he hopes the book will teach children, and the contrasts between being a lawyer and a children's author. A new edition of the book is planned for release next year to the top 2500 libraries in the country and classrooms and bookstores. Watch the interview here.

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