Philadelphia: A New Urban Direction

Philadelphia: A New Urban Direction poses the question: What must city government do to make the City of Philadelphia a preferred place to live, work, and play into the next century? Philadelphia City Controller Jonathan Saidel and his associates in the City Controller's Office treat the reader to an extraordinary insider's account of the inner workings of city government, utilize sophisticated modeling techniques to present a vision of Philadelphia's future, and present a plethora of novel ideas for improving the city for the 21st-century. It presents the fullest assessment to date of the overall economic, governmental, and social dynamics shaping Philadelphia and the region; serves as a primer to understanding city government and public policy for citizens, policy professionals, and elected leaders alike; and convincingly demonstrates the interconnectedness of the city and its suburbs.

Philadelphia: A New Urban Direction advances creative, serious, and striking recommendations for improving public services, reducing the costs of city government, and promoting the city and regional economies. It goes on to make a strong case for regional cooperation which will command public attention and leave the reader with hope for the future of our cities.

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