Phoebe Scott ’06 founded Laudville, a site that was launched in 2011, that had virtually connected people who shared a favorite entertainment. She is the co-founder of Parlor, which according to its site is “Parlor is the first app to allow freelance stylists, barbers and makeup artists to set their own prices, manage their schedules and build their clientele by bringing their services directly to your home or any location you choose.” She is also currently working on two new projects, LuxeLi.st and MediaMatch.

As a Hamilton student, Phoebe Scott majored in Philosophy, and she was actively involved in the community as a member of the sorority Alpha Theta Chi, an orientation leader for Adirondack Adventures, and was a part of the Hamilton Art Students League. She was also on the Alumni Council. Since graduating Hamilton in 2006, she went on to receive the Juris Doctor Degree at University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign. Scott then became a creative technologist, and she currently works as the Director of Marketing for Synctree.

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