Piesche Presents on Audre Lorde in Paris

Peggy Piesche
Peggy Piesche

Peggy Piesche, visiting instructor of German and Russian studies presented a paper at the Ninth International Conference of the Collegium for African American Research (CAAR) held April 6-9 at the Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 in France. The paper, titled “Without the master's tool: Audre Lorde's Black Internationalism and Black German Feminists - A transnational shift of Diaspora,” stressed Lorde's understanding of Blackness as decisively pre-postmodern and a touch essentialist, self-determined, defiant and militant.

Piesche argued in her talk that Audre Lorde's vision manifests itself in a Black German community but also refers back to her own community in the U.S. The paper investigates Lorde's vision of a transnational network of Black communities which eventually would challenge a predominantly U.S. American perspective of Diaspora.

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