Piesche Publishes Paper in German Journal Freitext

Peggy Piesche
Peggy Piesche

Peggy Piesche, visiting instructor of German and Russian studies, co-authored an article titled “Das Trauma der Schuld oder: Wie lässt sich koloniale Geschichte in einem post-kolonialen Deutschland von heute denken?” (“The trauma of guilt or: How can colonial History be contextualized in a post- colonial Germany of today?”) in the April issue of Freitext, a German journal on social justice and culture.

Piesche said the article “provides an overview of social movements, international relationships and postcolonial criticism in the light of contemporary Namibian Governmental negotiations between Germany and Namibia about German restitutions of colonial objects still in possession of several German universities and museums.” Piesche and her co-author, film critic Carolin Philipp, argue that “over the time the historical perception developed a postcolonial imagination of a German collective, which detached itself from its own pre WWI history.” Piesche stressed the notion of a postcolonial rewrite of the German colonial endeavor and discussed this based on four decades of charity advertisement in Germany.

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