Plate Publishes Article, Review, Entries

Brent Plate
Brent Plate
This summer, Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies S. Brent Rodriguez Plate published several scholarly works. Plate's article “Words, Images, and the ‘Peoples of the Book’: Re-Reading, Re-Writing, and Re-Hearing the Word of God in Western Religious Traditions” appeared in the experimental journal Corona, published at Montana State University. This was a special issue on text and image, and was presented as an artistic “boxed set” that included contributions from artists, writers and scholars. The “box” (literally, it was published as a box) included small art works made from paper, poetry written on postcards, essays, and various other musings on texts and images.

Plate also published a review of the Museum of Biblical Art (New York City) exhibit “Reel Religion: A Century of the Bible and Film.” The review appeared in the London-based quarterly, Art and Christianity.

And after working with dozens of others from around the world, the first two volumes of The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception was published by de Gruyter in Berlin. Four years ago, Plate began working as an area editor on topics relating to "the reception of the bible on film," alongside the publishers and other editors. The Encyclopedia is scheduled to include more than 30 volumes, published over the next 10 years. Not just a biblical commentary, this encyclopedia charts the ways the Jewish-Christian bible has continued to evolve in works of art, literature, music, and film. Along with the editing responsibilities, Plate contributed several entries relating to film, including “Abraham,” “Adam and Eve,” and “Aeon.”

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