9/11 Memorial Museum

From May 31 to June 2, faculty and museum administrators from Hamilton College, Skidmore College, University of Albany and Colgate University met in New York City to initiate work on a three-year Teagle Foundation grant through which the colleges will be developing innovative museum-based teaching and learning strategies.  The funds will support a traveling exhibition of contemporary photography, titled This Place that is focused on Israel and the West Bank as both a place and a metaphor. The show will be on view at the museums of all four colleges in spring 2018.

While in New York City, the group visited the This Place exhibition, currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum, and met with exhibition organizer, French photographer Frederic Brenner.  The group also visited a variety of other museums for which "place" is a central characteristic and which can, in some way, be considered contested sites, including the Tenement Museum, the Whitney Museum, the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the African Burial Ground National Monument.

"The trip provided a great introduction to the This Place exhibition and some of the issues that will need to considered as we work to bring it to our four campuses in 2018.  It was particularly valuable to meet colleagues from the other schools and to discuss potential opportunities for pedagogical collaboration," said Assistant Professor of Art Robert Knight, one of the participants from Hamilton.

Others traveling from Hamilton included Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Music Sam Pellman, Wellin Museum Associate Director Meg Austin and Wellin Collections and Exhibitions Specialist Katherine Alcauskas.

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