Vishwa Rasania '17

I’ve known what I wanted to do since I was a junior in high school: be a veterinarian. When it came time for me to look at colleges, I wanted a school that would allow me to simultaneously become a competitive candidate and develop my other interests. Naturally, my interest in multiple fields had me exploring liberal arts colleges—those with an open curriculum and those that had requirements in other fields of study.

While academics was a significant factor in my search for the ideal college, I also wanted a college that would allow me to compete competitively in track and field. Naturally, my searches led me to stumble upon Hamilton. When I visited and observed a practice, I loved the dynamic on the team and I loved how passionate all the student athletes were about their classes.

Having experienced the open curriculum at Hamilton for myself, I can honestly say that it helped me prepare for veterinary school and life outside of the academic world. At Hamilton, I was able to further my interest in ballet, Russian history, Hispanic studies and religious studies. Because I had too many interests outside of my major (Biochemistry and Biomolecular Biology) I chose not to focus on a minor, but rather take classes in as many other fields as possible.

By exploring and developing my other interests, Hamilton allowed me to also develop a deeper appreciation for my own major. I was able to see the delicate balance that exists between science and religion and experience that balance during internships at veterinary hospitals over the summer. Furthermore, Hamilton’s small community gave me the opportunity to really get to know my professors.

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One class that really taught me to appreciate the balance between science and government was Biological Chemistry with Professor Rosenstein. In this class I was exposed to the truth of the lack of regulation over chemicals that are mass produced and how these chemicals harm our ecosystems and our health. Conversations with Professor Rosenstein on the subject inspired me to do my thesis on pesticides and how their effects could alter the expression of fat within our body.

It is because of amazing classes like Biological Chemistry—being taught by professors that care for their students—that really gave me the advantage when it came time to apply for veterinary school. The relationships that I had fostered at Hamilton allowed my professors to speak of more than just my academic capabilities. Comparing my undergraduate experience to my peers in veterinary school, I can confidently say that Hamilton was the number one choice for me because it allowed me to venture outside my major and speak candidly with professors that were interested in helping me develop myself and become inspired.

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