Buttrick Hall
Hamilton President David Wippman shared a message with the College community addressing the terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel.

Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

The recent terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel serve as a gruesome reminder to all of us that intentionally targeting civilians is abhorrent and criminal.

Understandably, many in our community are experiencing feelings of anger, grief, sadness, and anxiety. I share their dismay. Vice President Bennett’s statement yesterday was intended to call attention to the resources available to students and others who might need support. Please take advantage of those resources if you need them.

As the war proceeds, there will be many dark days to come. Civilian casualties, already high, are certain to mount. In time, as members of an academic community, we can seek to understand better the nature of the conflict and its broader implications. For now, let us do what we can to offer support to those who need it.


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