David Wippman.
The New York Times included both a letter to the editor written by President David Wippman and a summary of the current Wellin Museum exhibition in its Friday, Sept. 13, issue.

In a letter with the headline Intellectual Diversity in College, Wippman discussed political polarization on campuses and the importance of “encouraging students to develop certain habits of mind, habits that include testing their ideas, searching for evidence and learning to construct, critique and defend arguments, all of which require thoughtful consideration of opposing viewpoints.”

In responding to an essay titled Can We Guarantee Intellectual Diversity, he pointed to Hamilton’s efforts. “We have used multiple strategies to engage our students in respectful dialogue across political boundaries with one another as well as with members of the surrounding community. These initiatives are indeed just part of teaching plain old critical thinking.”

Elias Sime:TightropeDon’t Miss These Art Shows and Events This Fall in the Times' Arts section directed readers to the Wellin Museum of Art’s Elias Sime: Tightrope exhibition as one of the “shows that define the new season.?” This Fall Preview article described Sime’s work as “intricate abstract tableaux.”

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