Alan Cafruny, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs, is the co-author of book titled The European Union and Global Capitalism: Origins, Development, Crisis.

Written with Magnus Ryner, professor of international political economy at King's College London, the book was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

According to the publisher, the “book draws on critical theory to introduce readers to ways of exploring questions about the EU from a political economy perspective.”

The questions include, “Does the EU help or hinder Europe's 'social models' to face the challenges of globalization? Does the EU represent a break from Europe's imperial past? What were the causes of the Eurozone crisis?”

In a review, Peter Katzenstein of Cornell University said, “All readers will benefit from the authors’ depth of knowledge and sweep of vision.”

Calling the book “lucid, important and timely,” Ben Rosamond of the University of Copenhagen said Cafruny and Ryner “have produced a book that combines scholarly virtue with the production of a crisp and critical central thesis…”

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