Alan Cafruny

German Elections 2017: The Calm Before the Storm?” by Alan Cafruny, the Henry Platt Bristol Chair of International Affairs and professor of government, was recently published by the Valdai Discussion Club.

Cafruny said there were “no major surprises” in the recent German federal election in which the Christian Democratic Union, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, was victorious.

“However,” Cafruny went on to say, “the result will have enormous significance for Germany and the world because it will determine how the Federal Republic deals with the fading Franco-German alliance and the governance of the Eurozone and wider European economy which it dominates.”

Cafruny is a frequent Valdai Discussion Club contributor. In recent months, he has published other articles on Merkel and the German election, as well as several on U.S. foreign policy and relationships with world powers.

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