<em>Carl Rückert’s Memoirs of the Franco-Prussian War</em>

Alfred Kelly, the Edgar B. Graves Professor of History Emeritus and Senior Lecturer in History, recently published a translation of With my Rucksack: The Unvarnished Campaign Memoirs of an Infantryman from the Year 1870 by German soldier Carl Rückert. In addition to the translation, Kelly also edited the book and provided the introduction.

Publisher Palgrave Macmillan said Carl Rückert's Memoirs of the Franco-Prussian War is the first English-language translation of With My Rucksack and describes the book as “a riveting, bottom-up account of the Franco-Prussian War and the horrors of modern warfare.”

In a review, William L. Patch of Washington and Lee University said, “Carl Rückert has written a lively and engaging memoir about the Franco-Prussian War, and Alfred Kelly has provided a valuable service for English-speaking readers with his annotations and skillful translation.”

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