Alan Cafruny

Alan Cafruny, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs, presented an invited lecture on “Crisis, Policy, and Rightwing Populism in Europe,” at UCLA on March 5. The talk was part of the annual colloquium series of UCLA’s Center for Social Theory and Comparative History.

Cafruny visited London from March 14 to 20 for a book launch of The European Union and Global Capitalism: Origins, Development, Crisis. Co-authored with Magnus Ryner, professor of international political economy at King’s College London, the book was published earlier this year by Palgrave Macmillan.

While in London, Cafruny presented an invited lecture titled “Is Russia a Revisionist Power?” at the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, King’s College London.

Cafruny also writes a monthly column for the Valdai International Discussion Club. His piece on the 60th anniversary celebration of the signing of the Treaty of Rome was published on March 20. “The European Union at 60: How Many More Birthdays?” focuses on changes in the European Union since the signing of the treaty, which established the European Economic Community, on March 25, 1957.

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