<em>The Oligarchy and the Old Regime in Latin America, 1880-1970 </em>

The Oligarchy and the Old Regime in Latin America, 1880-1970 by Dennis Gilbert, professor of sociology emeritus and lecturer in sociology, was recently published by Rowman & Littlefield.

The book focuses on oligarchies that came into power in the late 19th century. The groups, made up of sugar planters, coffee growers, cattle barons and bankers who were growing rich in the rapidly expanding global economy, consolidated their wealth and political power in Latin America. Gilbert examines these groups, providing a comparative history of their rise and demise.

Gilbert’s analysis answers questions relating to the sources of oligarchic power, the undermining of this power, and why oligarchies persisted longer in some countries than in others.

According to the publisher, Gilbert’s “clear, comprehensible, and illuminating analysis will make this an invaluable book for all students of modern Latin America.”

William LeoGrande of American University said, “Gilbert combines this broad sweep of history with a deep dive into the case of Peru, where his access to elite family correspondence and interviews with key figures opens a revealing window into the oligarchs’ world and worldview, their feuds, and their response to political challenge. A must read for students of Latin American history, politics, and sociology.”

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