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Mark Oakes, Becca Rees '16, Abby Quirk '16 and Jen Borton.
Mark Oakes, Becca Rees '16, Abby Quirk '16 and Jen Borton.

Professor of Psychology Jen Borton, juniors Becca Rees and Abby Quirk, and Mark Oakes of St. Lawrence University, presented a poster on Feb. 28 at the annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in Long Beach, Calif.

Written by Borton and Oakes, “Focus on Failure: The Involuntary Pull of Self-Threatening Information Among People with Defensive Self-Esteem” presented the results of a summer research project by Rees, Quirk and Rohan Arcot ’16. Arcot is studying in South Africa this semester and was unable to attend the conference.

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