Puppetry Comes to Hamilton College

The Sandglass Theater of Putney, Vt. will holda series of workshops on the art of puppetry at Hamilton College, on Monday,Jan. 29, through Friday, Feb. 2. Throughout the week, company members willspeak on a variety of topics including puppet building, puppetry for youngchildren and manipulation of puppets. All workshops are free and open to thegeneral public.

In addition, the Sandglass Theater will present two shows for the generalpublic. The first performance, The Box Show, will be held on Wednesday,Jan. 31, at 4 p.m., in Minor Theater. The show is geared for children, agesfour and up, but adults will also marvel at the imagery and fantasy that isbrought to life by company member, Ines Zeller Bass.

The second performance, The Village Child, will be presented on Friday,Feb. 2, at 8 p.m., in Minor Theater. This show contains more mature themes andis a work of images, created with actors, puppets, scenic elements and music.It is an often comic piece, with music by the classical computer-musiccomposer, Charles Dodge. It is full of vaudeville-style theatricality as wellas dream-like imagery. Nearly 20 hand-crafted puppets are used, together withactors, to evoke the magic of the piece. Tickets for both performances are $5for adults and $3 for students and children. Reservations are stronglyrecommended. Please call 859-4269 weekday afternoons.

SCHEDULED WORKSHOPS (all events are in Minor Theater)

Mon. Jan. 29 Puppetry for Young Children.

3-6 pm Developing a storyboard, building a puppet, educational uses. Foreducation students, teachers, parents and community.

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