Rahn and Elgren Present at World Brewing Congress

Tim Elgren
Tim Elgren

Greg Rahn, analytical instrumentation specialist, and Tim Elgren, professor of chemistry, presented a poster titled "A New and Improved Method for Monitoring Beer Vicinal Diketones as Maturation Markers" at the World Brewing Congress in Portland, Ore.  The work was done in collaboration with the Matt Brewery in Utica. 


Analytical methodologies were applied to the assessment of chemical markers that indicate maturation of the beer during the brewing process.  Careful monitoring of these markers allows for greater efficiency in the production process.  The Congress was hosted by the American Society of Brewing Chemists and the Master Brewers Association of the Americas and brought together 1100 participants from around the world with a broad range of expertise in the brewing industry.


Beer analysis projects have been initiated by students in the lab component of Chem 125: Principles of Chemistry in the Context of Health and Environmental Chemistry.  The second half of the semester is primarily focused on chemical toxicology and students pursue team project of their own design that employ analytical methodologies to assess human exposure to various chemicals, including those found in beer.  Instrumentation and research has been supported by grants from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Research Corporation and the Matt Brewery.

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