Raynard Interviewed for Inside Higher Ed Article About Buying Local

Patrick Raynard, general manager of Hamilton's food service provider Bon Appétit, was interviewed for an Inside Higher Ed article (11/1/07) titled "Campus Food From Around the Corner." The article concerned an aspect of the growing sustainability movement that encourages and supports the purchase of local products, thereby helping the local economy, providing fresher foods and reducing transportation emissions. "Students want to be part of the community they're in," Raynard said in the article. "The ones we talk to feel good about eating an apple that might have been picked that morning down the road."

On Sept. 25 Hamilton was one of dozens of colleges served by Bon Appétit that participated in a "Eat Local Challenge." All food served at a campus-wide picnic that day was produced within a 150-mile radius of the College.

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