Anyi Rescalvo '22 (left), a participant in the Joan Hinde Stewart (JHS) Career Development Program, works with a student on college exploration.

For many students pursuing a higher education, a  common goal relates to finding ways to give back upon graduation. At Hamilton, students like Anyi Rescalvo ’22 are able to get a jump-start on giving back through opportunities for career-related experiences during the summer. 

Rescalvo, a sociology major and education minor, is spending her summer working with youth in the South Bronx area, the community in which she grew up.  A participant in the Joan Hinde Stewart (JHS) Career Development Program, she was able to secure two education-oriented internships in her hometown connecting underrepresented students with passionate mentors and helping high school seniors reach their graduation goals. 

“Being able to talk with students from my community reminded me how confused I was when I was going through the college application process,” says Rescalvo. “Now that I am in college, I realize how important it is to have a thorough understanding of higher education. I want to have an impact on my community by uplifting and advising students like me.”

Rescalvo worked as an intern at iMentor, a nonprofit organization building mentoring relationships that empower students to graduate and succeed in college, and the Summer Bridge program at her former high school, The Laboratory School of Finance & Technology. 

“As a first-generation student, I share many of the same experiences with the high school students I get to work with,” says Rescalvo. “More work needs to be done when it comes to educating low-income, marginalized, and first-generation students about higher education.”

Anyi Rescalvo ’22

Intended major: Sociology

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

High School: The Laboratory School of Finance & Technology

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As part of her iMentor position, Rescalvo created a database of different programs for students to have easy access to local and out-of-state opportunities including internships and college fly-in programs. She was also able to expand her knowledge and interest in non-profit work through informational interviews with employees working for the organization.

During her time as a Summer Bridge intern, Rescalvo helped high school seniors meet graduation requirements to succeed academically while engaging in community outreach to keep students, families, and faculty up to date with the program. 

She says these opportunities have not only helped in her personal development, but have also guided her long-term goals to work with students in the city she calls home. 

“I hope to one day be a college counselor and work in a school in the South Bronx,” says Rescalvo. “I want to help students the same way my own college counselors supported me and helped me get to where I am today.”

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