Meredith Emerson Ritchie '86

Meredith Emerson Ritchie '86 was recently named a Woman of Influence by Best Lawyers.

At Hamilton, Ritchie majored in comparative literature before studying law at DePaul University's College of Law, which ultimately led her to her current position: the vice president, general counsel and ethics and compliance officer for Alliant Credit Union. 

In an interview with the organization, which compiles peer-reviewed lists to determine the year's leading lawyers, Ritchie said, "I first became interested in law during college. In addition to co-hosting a talk-radio show on the college radio station, I interned with two separate radio stations to learn the broadcasting business. During that time, I was sent to the courthouse with an on-air reporter to cover high profile trials. I found the trials and entire legal proceedings fascinating. That's when I got my first 'itch' to go into law."

She continued, "To be a great general counsel, I believe one has to have adaptability, a thirst for knowledge, the ability to build constituencies and a wide variety of experience in different areas of the law. It was all of these drivers that led me to my position at Alliant Credit Union over nine years ago. Experience as a litigator, a prosecutor, in private practice, with the government and with a global technology consulting firm gave me the background necessary to excel in the financial services industry as trusted counsel."

She currently serves as class president. 

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