Courtney Gibbons

Associate Professor of Mathematics Courtney Gibbons recently published "L-dimension for modules over a local ring" in the volume Commutative Algebra: 150 Years with Roger and Sylvia Wiegand with coauthors David Jorgensen (UT-Arlington) and Janet Striuli (Fairfield University).

The article defines a new invariant for modules over local rings, L-dimension, that can be used to bound an existing invariant, complete intersection dimension. These invariants give some notion of the size of a module over a local ring. From the front matter of the volume, "The articles in this volume bear evidence that the area of commutative algebra is a vibrant one, and highlight the influence of the Wiegands on generations of researchers in the area."

Gibbons, Jorgensen, and Striuli began work on this project at breakfast one morning during the Second International Conference in Commutative Algebra, held at Tribhuvan University in Kirthipur, Nepal, in 2016. The origin of the project itself is a fitting tribute to the Wiegands, who love trekking, math, and the folks in the commutative algebra community.

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