Root Family Legacy: Sprengeri Tulip

Gardeners, botanists, history buff or Root Glen admirers are invited to an exciting new alumni college the Thursday of Reunions '09!  Please join Professor of Biology Emeritus Gene Putala, who taught for 21 years first a member of the Kirkland faculty and then at Hamilton from 1968 until he retired in 1989. Professor Putala was hired to "bring botany back to the Hill." A traditional offering at Hamilton, botany was an area of study that had dwindled in emphasis as pre-med gained in popularity. 

Professor Putala will discuss the study of botany and the legacy of the Root family, in his presentation on the rare sprengeri tulip, which has graced our own Root Glen for many years.  It remains a mystery how the rare species of tulip appeared at Hamilton, although Professor Putala has several possible theories. Professor Putala is excited to introduce these beautiful tulips, and at what better time, as the tulips come into full bloom on the Hill to welcome the alumni back to campus for Reunions. Please join us for this fascinating alumni college!
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