Kara Sage
Kara Sage

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology Kara Sage published "Controlling the slides: Does clicking help adults learn?" with Hamilton student co-authors Nikole Bonacorsi '15, Sarah Izzo '15, and Abigail Quirk '16. The article was pre-published online this week in the journal Computers and Education and will appear in a forthcoming issue.

In the paper, Sage and her student collaborators argue that the mindset of being in control of a computer program, regardless of whether control features are actually utilized, improves likeability of that program. Further, they report that flexible pacing features enhance students' enjoyment of electronic learning media as well as aid in their knowledge acquisition.

Computers and Education is an international journal focused on the impact of technology on cognition, education, and training. It is a highly respected journal within the educational technology literature, and seeks to act as an interdisciplinary forum for communication on such topics.

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