Seth Schermerhorn
Seth Schermerhorn

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Seth Schermerhorn participated in national conferences in Denver and Atlanta where he presented papers about different aspects of Tohono O’odham pilgrimages to Magdalena.

In Denver, he presented “O’odham Songscapes: Journeys to Magdalena Remembered in Song” at the 114th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. The paper was part of a session on “Rethinking Revival: Community, Agency, and Indigenous Languages.”

Schermerhorn presented “O’odham Walkers and their Staffs: Walking Sticks by Way of Calendar Sticks and Scraping Sticks” in Atlanta at the 106th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion. He spoke during the Anthropology of Religion and Roman Catholic Studies groups’ session on “Moving Bodies: Ethnographies of Latin American Devotional Communities.”

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