Science Faculty and Staff Attend CF-IRMS Conference at Cornell

Eugene Domack, (center, pointing) explains results from IRMS.
Eugene Domack, (center, pointing) explains results from IRMS.
J.W. Johnson Family Professor of Geosciences Eugene Domack, Lab Manager/Research Assistant for Antarctic Research Megan Crocker, EMSI Instrumentation Technician Bruce Wegter and Instrumentation Specialist Greg Rahn recently attended the 15th annual Continuous Flow-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (CF-IRMS) conference at Cornell University.

Domack presented a poster titled "Integration of Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry in an Undergraduate Research Environment: Hamilton's EMSI Initiative." The mass spectrometer was purchased under Hamilton's EMSI (Environmental Molecular Science Initiative) which is funded by the Sherman-Fairchild Foundation.

The conference, which took place June 28 - July 1, was a meeting for isotope labs across the world to share and exchange information.

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